Have you ever been told, "You are what you eat?"

Have you ever been told, “You are what you eat”? The phrase originated from, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1826, when he wrote, "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”. This might remind you of another sage bit of wisdom, “Let food be thy medicine” from Hippocrates in the year 360 B.C. So the advice has been around for a long time,  but does it apply to what we drink as well? 

How do you hydrate?

If you drink tap water, you should know it is not made up of 2 molecules of Hydrogen & 1 molecule of Oxygen, as it is thought to be. Tap water is more accurately described as a solution, because of the unknown additives bonding to the Hydrogen molecules. Drinking Ultra-Purified or Ionized Alkaline water might seem a little expensive and spooky at first, but as more people become conscious to the impurities in our food and water, the more we want to share useful information to prevent unnecessary sickness.

Acidic and toxic water is endemic in many metropolitan areas. The most prominent case may be the crisis in Flint, Michigan. Most people cannot even wash their hands or shower in their home tap water. If you follow Erin Brockovich on Facebook, you can learn of the water crisis many metropolitan cities are facing.

In addition to managing impurities, every day we learn how pH levels in our body directly correspond to the acidity of the foods, airs, and drinks we consume. In this respect, we begin to see what Hippocrates was talking about. Everything we consume is either clean or dirty, alkaline or acidic. 


Few people know that in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Science for his work resulting in the discovery, "No disease, including cancer can survive in an alkaline environment."


Dr. Otto began his studies in chemistry before entering medicine, later becoming mentored by a family friend, Dr. Albert Einstein. Otto was nominated for the Nobel Prize 47 times throughout his career, which was dedicated primarily to the study of cancer later concluding, “The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar."

Here at Water & Wellness, we first use our unique Ultra-Purification process to run the water through multiple carbon, & pre-sediment filters before it goes through Reverse Osmosis. This is a 7 stage process that ends with ozonation. 

As for our Alkaline water, we add trace minerals, stabilized oxygen, and electrolytes to the Ultra-Purified water before it is ionized and alkalized to the pH level of 9.5. We do all this on-location. The result is actually quite extraordinary both in taste and effect. The new online delivery program starts at $22.00 for 15 Gallons delivered anywhere in Salt Lake City for Ultra-Purified and $42.00 for Ionized Alkaline. 

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Sending you Trust, Love, Gratitude, Joy & Peace.

If you have never tried our waters before, we invite you and your loved ones to come pick-up your first 10 Gallons Free. If you want your own Alkaline Ionizer for the home or business, we can help with that as well.



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