Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Hot, Cold & Room Water Cooler Dispenser

Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Hot, Cold & Room Water Cooler Dispenser

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The Brio CLBL420 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser uses 3 and 5-gallon water bottles and features food-grade stainless steel water tanks to provide clean drinking water all day long. Easy access to hot, cold and room temperature water is available with the push-button controls which makes it easy to prepare instant beverages, soups and more. The state of the art, bottom loading technology allows for a spill-free environment in your home or office. Bottle installation is simple and quick, and thanks to its low location, it reduces the need for strenuous lifting and awkward maneuvering. The CLBL300 dispenser includes an indicator light that flashes when the bottle needs to be replaced, as well as a functioning LED light that allows for easy water dispensing in low light conditions. This water dispenser requires no filters and includes a removable dishwasher-safe spill tray for easy cleaning. The built-in child safety lock prevents child access to the hot water control. This item stands 41-inches tall by 12.5-inches wide and is available in a contemporary white finish. The unit also features a power-down switch for both the hot and cold tank.

- Bottom-loading design eliminates lifting, flipping and spilling
- The COLD water is dispensed at the perfect temperature to cool you off on a hot day or after a workout - between 40 and 44 degrees.
- Convenient push button controls with child-safety feature
- Indicator lights let you know when hot and cold water is ready and when bottle needs to be replaced
- Dispenses piping-hot, cool and cold water

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