Ionized Alkaline Delivery

Ionized Alkaline Delivery

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Our most popular water has been Ultra-Purified first, then given stabilized oxygen, trace minerals, & electrolytes before it is ionized to pH 9.

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Delivery Details

1. We deliver 5 Gallon & 3 Gallon crown-top BPA Free bottles (sorry, no glass) so you’ll need a dispenser. 

2. We have dispensers, stands, and coolers in our store that you can add to your order.

3. Please allow 24 hours notice. We prepare deliveries on Monday & Wednesdays. 

4. Salt Lake deliveries arrive Tuesdays & Thursdays any-time between 9am-6pm.

5. Please leave empty bottles outside your front door.

6. We do not charge a bottle deposit and there is no contract.

7. 15 Gallons is our minimum order.