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Molecular Hydrogen Water


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H2 Improves Energy and Recovery

1000+ scientific papers suggest H2 Molecular Hydrogen has therapeutic potential for every system of the body. This is due to the highly stable H2 molecules which permeate and cleanse the cell membrane through inhalation or drinking of hydrogen infused water. Today, Hydrogen is being produced on demand for therapeutic uses by PEM electrolysis generation and magnesium transfer.

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Discover your Super Power.
Enjoy Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Learn why doctors recommend Molecular Hydrogen generators and tablets for Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s and Cancer. Molecular Hydrogen works at the cellular level throughout every organ and system of the body. Click the button below to visit the 3rd party research group known as the Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

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“I immediately noticed the difference in my body; feeling so alive, clean, and pure”

- Alexandria Frogley

H2 Molecular Hydrogen generator
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H2 Boom Molecular Hydrogen (60)
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Live Water Delivered with Love

“Every two weeks because you’re awesome!”

-Gregory Barrera

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How does water delivery work?

1. 5 Gallon or 3 Gallon Crown-Top
You’ll need a dispenser.
(sorry, no glass)

2. Dispensers, Stands, and Coolers
(add to your order)

3. Please allow 24 Hr Notice
(Same day is not guaranteed) 

4. Deliveries arrive on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 
(Any-time between 9am-6pm)

5. Please Leave empty bottles outside
(Your front door)

6.No Bottle Deposit
(No contract)

7. 15 Gallons is our minimum
(Add-on 5g or more)

Water Delivered to Your Door

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Visit our Millcreek location


3673 SOUTH, 900 EAST
 Our store carries water dispensers, water bottles, hand-made gifts, sacred geometry decals, locally-made jewelry,  home accessories, and more. We also have Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO supplements, vitamins, drinks and snacks. 


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Try our recovery and performance technology: L-Glutathione

Bill set the World Record back in 2009 with $705 pounds, but in the past 6 months with the help of Swish30, he has been benching over 900 lbs in practice and feeling even stronger than a decade prior. Learn how the active ingredients of L-Glutathione & L-Cysteine benefit athletic performance and recovery.

2 oz Swish30 Micro Nutrients
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2 oz Swish30 Micro Nutrients
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32 oz Swish30 Micro Nutrients
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32 oz Swish30 Micro Nutrients
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Swish30 Reviews:

"It gives me the pick me up I need within SECONDS after Swishing it. As a Mother, I need a pick-me-up multiple times a day haha.”

- SYDNEY MONSON, Crossfit Mom

"I recently tried Swish for the first time, OMG! It eliminated my jet lag completely, after just 2 Swishes!”

- GEORGE AITON, International Airline Captain

Greatest Water on Earth

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All of the waters listed below have been ultra-purified with our unique 7 stage process. Click the links above to learn more.


(In-Store Pricing)



25 Gallons • $1.90/Gal

100 Gallons • $1.50/Gal



25 Gallons • .60¢/Gal

100 Gallons • .45¢/Gal



25 Gallons • $1.20/Gal

100 Gallons • $1.00/Gal



25 Gallons • .95¢/Gal

100 Gallons • .80¢/Gal



25 Gallons • .95¢/Gal

100 Gallons • .80¢/Gal



25 Gallons • .95¢/Gal

100 Gallons • .80¢/Gal


“No disease; including cancer can survive in an alkaline environment”

- Dr. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Science Laureate.

 Local family owned

Since 96'


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For the past 20 years, our family business has served the Salt Lake valley with the highest quality water and natural supplements available. Welcome to our extended Water & Wellness family. 

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